The highest praise for a business comes from its customers...and my customers love me for my high quality clicks, constant over-delivery and great personal attention.

tickI'm A+ rated in Matt Bacak Solo Ads Black Book

tick I'm among Best Solo Ad Vendors on Clickmeter

tickI'm in Top 10 solo sellers rated in Inner Circle Solo Ads by Rob Stafford for 2 years in a row


tickMy list is always fresh, buyers are included. Around 80-85% of the subscribers are in the following countries: US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

tick All the clicks are REAL CLICKS from my subscribers on my personal mailing list including BUYERS LIST.

tickMy list is built through my unique sales funnel with the help of high quality solo ads.

tick Your traffic is tracked with the best tracking system on the market which monitors and filters any potential “bad” click and you’ll get detailed stats when finished.

tick Clicks that you purchase will be received within 12-36 hours of sending your solo ad.

tickMy mailing list is in the Internet Marketing niche, and so should be your offer.



Andreea has achieved a 43% optin rate. I have purchased several thousand clicks to date from various sellers and this has to be the best Optin % yet.

Andreea will be getting my business from now on.

Thank you.

(Cliff West - April 7th, 2017)


The solo went great, Andreea! Thank you again for everything that you do! You really are the best!

(Jhames West - March 31st, 2017)

























“...my top 5 sellers”

"Thanks for the great campaign! As you represented, you provided overdelivery, great optin rate and 85% premium traffic!! You are definitely in my top 5 "All Time Best" sellers! I will definitely do business with you again soon!"

(Barry Monies)

“...2 sign ups, 1 upsell”

"...this was among the best solos I've done recently!"

(Larry Baird)

“...my first sale”

"Andreea, I had 48% optin rate, 79% premium traffic and guess what? I had my first $450 sale. This gives me hope when I was thinking to give up!"

(Emmanuel Izaguirre)

“...51% optin rate”

"I purchased a 100 click solo from Andreea Carol and she over delivered by 14%% with a 51% optin rate.  Great communication and very helpful. Will be doing business again.!"

(Ted Kim)

“...professional service!”

"I purchase a lot of solos and I rarely come across the quality and professional service that Andreea delivers. I ordered 2 "100 click" solos and she over delivered by nearly 85%, now that's quality! If your looking for quality traffic that over delivers than you'd be crazy not to work with Andreea. I'll for sure be booking more solos soon. Thanks again Andreea! "

(Michael Miller)

“...superfast, 30% overdelivery...”

Excellent solo from Andreea. 100 clicks solo was delivered superfast.
I got over 100 clicks in 12 hours, total 129 uniques (that´s near 30% overdelivery!) and 57 new subscribers to my list.
For anyone looking for high quality solos I warmly recommend Andreea;
not only you will get great delivery but she is very pleasant to communicate with too, a quality I appreciate a lot in business and in life. I will be back for more...

(Taika Stella - http://lionssharetraining.com/taikastella)

“7 SALES !!!"

jamescanzanella"There's no wonder why this was 7th solo that I have purchased from Andreea. I ordered 200 clicks and not only did she super-overdeliver and give me 256 clicks, I made 7 sales and brought in a revenue of $149!! Simply amazing! Will be back very, very soon for solo number 8!"

(James Canzanella)

“Solid traffic, nice overdelivery,
1 sale…”

lars"GREAT SOLO! Andreea delivered a great solo for me! Good solid traffic and a nice overdelivery, ordered 100 got 125+ and made a sale so happy day`s. Thanks, Andreea! "

(Lars Mikuta - freeimautomationtools.com/soloads/)

“...30% overdelivery, 1 sale…”

atilley“I ordered 100 clicks from Andreea, and she overdelivered by 30% (I got 133 unique clicks) and I made one sale for a $27 front end. Awesome job! Thanks!"

(Anthony Tilley)

“62% optin rate!!!”

“I bought 150 clicks from Andreea and recieved 172 unique clicks and a whopping 107 subscribers, a 62% optin rate. Just over 65% of the traffic was from US, CA & UK. Thanks, Andreea"

(Neil Moran - http://topspotrankings.com)

“5 sales and 2 upsells..."

derekI want to give a big Shout out to Andreea and her solos. I just ran a 100 clicks solo with her and WOW! I go 46% overdelivery and a 84.93% conversion.Ok, so let me break that down a little: I got 146 clicks and 124 subs and made 5 sales and 2 upsells. I will be back for more Andreea. Your list Is SMOKIN!!!

(Derek – http://jamiesonbiz.com)


"This solo ad seller is really fantastic! I bought 100 clicks solo ad and got 144 clicks ! Traffic converted at 60% so, I got 85 fresh new leads! Thank you, definitely will buy again "


“...62% optin, 2 sales…”

laura“I have bought a 100 clicks solo from Andreea; I have to say her traffic is exceptional. I got a 62% optin rate and 2 sales. I have no idea what she tells her subscribers, but obviously her subscribers love her! I will definetly come back for more!"

(Laura Cozzi - buildemaillists.com)

“...+ 20% overdelivery in 24 hours…”

“Thank you Andreea. Your 100 Clicks solo I bought had been delivered to me within 24 hours! I had an excellent overdelivery rate of 20%. I appreciate your services and will definitely come back to buy more."

(Jolanta Carter)

“...+30% overdelivery, 52 optins"


"I am very pleased with Andreea’s 100 clicks solo. 30% overdelivery, 52 optins, which is amazing. Thank you, Andreea"

(Razvan M.- make200aday.net)

“...62% overdelivery"

"I bought 50 clicks form Andreea and she overdelivered by 62%. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you, Andreea."

(Danny Tang - listhabit.com)

“...50% optin rate"

darren"I run an excellent solo with Andreea with 50% optin rate. I am sure we will do business again. Thank you."

(Darren Lawes - listbuilderquickstart.com)

“...30% overdelivery"

"Great solo with 30% overdelivery. Thank you, Andreea.” (Pradeep Kumar)

“...conversion above 45%"


“Hey Andreea, thanks for the solo... conversion was above 45%!”

(J.R. Quarles - http://workwithjrquarles.com)

“42% optin for a page in testing phase..."

"Andreea's service and performance are fantastic...she does what she says she will do! Bought 100 clicks, delivered within 48hrs...got a nice 5% overdelivery and 42% optin...pretty good for a page still in test phase! Thanks Andreea...I'll be back for more..."

(Jim The List Builder http://listbuilding-secrets.com)



"My first solo ad order of 150 clicks from Andreea was amazing. Thank you Andreea for overdelivering clicks! My opt-in rate was 46.3% with one sale and more then 50 new subscribers. Thanks for being part of my list building process. I consider you as a serious and enthusiastic solo ad seller with top quality service.  Looking forward for new solo ad deals with you."


(Kata Santek - http://www.katasantek.com/)

“...optin rate above 45%"

"I ran a 100 click solo ad with Andreea and, besides a nice overdelvery, I had an opt-in rate of above 45%. Nice! Thanks again, Andreea"

(James Francis - www.JamesFrancis.com)

“...cost per Tier 1 subscriber was good"

“I bought a solo from Andreea and will definitely be back. What we look for is not overall number of clicks, but the cost per Tier 1 Subscriber (i.e. from US, UK etc.) - and that was good! Thanks Andreea”.

(Alex Goodall)

“I will keep you on my short list..."

"I bought a solo from Andreea and within 15 minutes she was delivering high quality traffic to my offer. Not only that but she overdelivered by almost 100%. Great job, Andreea. I'll keep you on my short list..."

(David Metzel - http://www.bestimsecrets.com)

“...48% overdelivery, rocket fast…”

“I bought 2 or 3 times from Andreea and she sent out my ad rocket fast - "within the hour." My results were a 48% OVER DELIVERY  of U.S. and Canadian traffic!! I will definitely buy again, Thanks Andreea!"

(Robert Sterling - rhsterlingdigitalmedia.com)

“overdelivery and 2 sales..."

"I just bought 150 clicks from Andreea, she actually delivered 200(!!), I've got 108 opt-ins and 2 front end sales, thank you so much! "


“...Andreea is the real deal"

Mark"If you need high converting solo ads then Andreea is the real deal. From a 100 clicks solo (which she highly overdelivered) I got 63 optins to my offer and 2 sales from my OTO - That's awesone - Never has such conversion - Andreea YOU ROCK !
Tx Mark "

(Mark Sell- http://fastonlinesuccesswithmark.com)

“...2 OTO sales"

riz"Hi Andreea, just wanted to "THANK YOU" for an awesome solo.  I got a solid 44% optin rate plus 2 OTO sales.  Your list is HOT! Needless to say, I will be coming back for more."

(Riz Nicolas - riznicolas.com)

“...52% optin"

"I ran an excellent 150 clicks solo with Andreea, she delivered 187 and the optin rate was really good, 52%. Thank you, Andreea"

(T.K. - internetmoneymojo.com; NoBsIM.com)

“...41% optin"

"Andreea, I bought an amazing solo from you. I just want to let everyone know that your solos are high quality. Because I bought 100 clicks and received 129.  41% optin rate. And you was very quick in attend me. Certainly, I'll buy more solos from you next days. I am so grateful to you for this job."

(Luiz Tuschinski)

“I am delighted!"

“Fantasic work Andreea! 100 click solo overdelivered by 30%. 59 fresh new subs added to my list...I am delighted!”

(David Wolfe - www.davidwolfesoloads.com)

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